Bindi Irwin shows off gorgeous family portrait featuring the late Steve Irwin and dog, Sue

Must See 10/08/2020

How lovely is this!

Artist Debb Oliver has sent Bindi Irwin and her new husbnand Chandler the most gorgeous gift that will no doubt be cherished by Bindi forever.

The illustration features a Chandler, Bindi, Terry and Robert from the professional photos from Bindi and Chandlers big wedding day - but also features the additions of the late Steve Irwin and their beloved family dog Sue.

The artist was humbled by Bindi sharing the image, commenting: "I have no words (or tears left 🙈) I’m so so humbled! To think that you liked it. And that my painting is right where it belongs... I grew up loving and admiring your family.  After I met you, the felling grew even more (I didn’t know it was possible) Now, my kids are following in the same path. You are a huge influence in this household. I really can’t express my gratitude and love. I couldn’t give you a hug, but when this is all over, my dream is to one day give you one ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you so much"