Rod Stewart reveals the secret to his songwriting success is being a bit tipsy

music news 27/07/2020

Ever wondered how veteran rocker Rod Stewart wrote such good songs, nearly every time?

Well, he has just revealed the answer thanks to a recent interview with Mirror UK.

 When he first started out as a famous musician with The Faces, his bosses would shut him away in a hotel room with plenty of booze to get the creative juices flowing.

"They used to have to lock me up with a bottle of wine and take the key and say, ‘Get it finished in the next four or five hours’. That would work." Rod said.

"I’d hear them all in the corridor, laughing, at the Holiday Inn: ‘Oh yeah look at Stewart. He is there trying to finish the lyrics’." he continued.

Rod admitted that he sometimes worried his lyrics were a bit corny - but we are big fans!