Elton John helps ex-fiance pay for her knee replacement after she falls on hard times

music news 08/06/2020

While reports have circulated that Sir Elton John has been forced to make staff and band mates redundant due to the current Covid-19 pandemic - it seems he is still one very generous man!

The superstar's ex, Linda Hannon, has received some help from Elton in the form of cash to go toward her knee replacement.

It's said she has been hit hard financially too.

Linda was Elton's first fiance. 

Elton fell head over heels for her when he was 21 in 1968, and after she moved in with him and Bernie Taupin, the pair decided to get engaged and move into their own place.

However, Elton ended the engagement following his stag doo - just months before his hit song Your Song was released and sending him to super stardom.

But, the pair must still have a lot of respect for each other as when news of Linda's knee replacement reached Elton, he generously offered to pay for it.

After their romance ended, Elton went on to wed Renate Blauel in 1984 but they divorced in 1988, when he came out as gay.