Ed Sheeran reveals he has a new tattoo in honour of his 'five future children'

music news 11/03/2020

Ed Sheeran already as a rather extensive gallery of tattoos across his body, and it seems the pop singer has added another tattoo to his ever-growing collection.

The new ink is reportedly of rings on his back, which he apparently intends to dedicate to each of his future children by adding their handprints inside each circle.

An insider told the Mail on Sunday: "Ed comes from a large Catholic family and he wants to have a house full of kids."

"He has had five intertwined circles put on his back that look a bit like the Olympic rings. He wants to put a tattoo of a palm print into each circle."

According to Ed's manager, it won't be long before the kids start coming for Ed and his wife Cherry.

Wishing them all health and happiness!