Céline Dion covers classic 80s song 'Wicked Game' with Chris Isaak

music news 02/03/2020

Chris Isaak's song Wicked Game soared to fame not long after its release in 1989 when it was used in the film Wild At Heart (1990).

And now, the song has been thrown into the spotlight again after the gorgeous Céline Dion covered it, with Chris Isaak providing the back up vocals.

Céline released the song on Spotify, admiting it's one of her all time favourite songs.

“I chose ‘Wicked Game’ for my Spotify Singles because it’s one of my favorite songs of all time for many, many, many reasons,” Celine said.

“I wanted to respect the original version, which I still think is perfection.”

Chris Isaak added: "When I heard Céline singing there was a big smile on my face. It’s just fun to hear her sing.

"Somebody said about Fred Astaire’s dancing ‘he makes it look so easy. Céline makes it sound so effortless."