New children's books released based off popular songs by Fleetwood Mac, Beach Boys & more

music news 17/01/2020

Now you can educate your kids and grandkids on your favourite types of music easily now that a new series of children’s books is adding illustrations to some of rock’s most famous lyrics.

The book series LyricPop so far has four editions to it's collection and features the lyrics of Fleetwood Mac, Twisted Sister, Beach Boys and the Wailers.

For her edition, McVie’s lyrics to Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 hit “Don’t Stop” were paired with images of a bunny rabbit encouraging her hibernating friends to come outside and celebrate the spring.

Snider’s of Twisted Sister's picture book features images of stubborn toddlers refusing to eat, take a bath or go to sleep, all accompanied to the lyrics of Twisted Sister’s 1984 classic “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

Meanwhile, the Beach Boys' “Good Vibrations” edition depicts a girl and her dog enjoying a fun-filled adventure at the beach.

The quartet of releases is rounded out by Tosh's edition, featuring scenes of African communities combined with the lyrics to his 1977 reggae classic “African.”