James Blunt's new emotional music video about his father is leaving people sobbing

music news 21/01/2020

James Blunt's latest music is pulling on people's heartstrings hard.

The emotional video for his new single Monsters sees James Blunt staring straight down the barrel of a camera, tearing up as he sings lyrics that elude to his father passing away.

Watching James Blunt sitting there, pouring his heart out while tears stream down his face is gut-wrenching and when you really listen to the lyrics, it feels like your heart is really getting torn out of its ribcage.

Blunt's new single 'Monsters' is an ode to his dying father, a former cavalry officer who has Stage 4 chronic kidney disease. 

Colonel Charles Blount even features in the video, but not before we're hit with a visceral close up of his devastated son singing through tears.