Penny Lancaster left red-faced after confusing Rod Stewart's age for her fathers on live TV

music news 12/12/2019

Sir Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster had a bit of a blonde moment in a recent episode of talk show Loose Women recently.

Speaking candidly, she accidentally got Rod's age mixed up with her father's.

Penny found herself having to Google her husband's age live on air while Rod was on stage for an interview after she thought he was 75 when he is actually 74.

Watch the video below.

Speaking to the ladies, Rod said: "You know, I'm sitting here thinking, "I'm 74, people are going mad,"" when Penny interrupted and said: "Darling, you're 75."

The panellists and the audience all burst into laugher, with Rod adamant that he was right, saying: "I'm not, I'm 74 now."