Elton John apparently back writing new music

music news 06/12/2019

Sir Elton John hasn't released new music since his last album Wonderful Crazy Night in 2016, but according to reports that may be about to change as while he has been in the Southern Hemisphere on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, he has been inspired to write some new songs.

The 72-year-old icon told Capital FM that he doesn't write music half as much as he used to, and that a lot of his recent work has actually been scrapped because it was simply "not meant to be."

“I don’t write very often," he said. "I write after every two years. In the early days, it was every other week."

“I’m writing in Australia when I’m going to be there. I haven’t written an album for two or three years, three or four years, so I’m looking forward to writing.

“I never know what to expect, that’s the great thing about writing with this style. I never know what I’m going to get. So the process has never gotten dull."

Elton added that he thinks people have been "lazy" when listening to his new music, as they presume that it's never going to be as good as the classics.

"You know, you make so many albums and people say, 'well the albums are not as good as they used to be,'" he said.

“People are very lazy, they don’t listen, and some of the things I’ve done on the last three or four records are some of my finest things."

“When I do stop touring and I do decide to do a concert again somewhere, they will be the sort of songs I will be playing."