Th' Dudes bring VNZMAs together with 'Bliss' live performance

music news 15/11/2019

Iconic Kiwi band Th' Dudes celebrated their induction into the NZ Music Hall of Fame on Thursday night with a spectacular live performance.

Peter Urlich, Dave Dobbyn, Bruce Hambling and Lez White got up on stage last night to receive the 2019 Legacy Award as Th' Dudes at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards (VNZMAs).

The band, which originally formed at Auckland's Sacred Heart College in 1975, thanked their influences, which included members of The Beatles to Sir Howard Morrison.

With special guests Rikki Morris, brother of late member Ian Morris, and Ian's daughters Julia and Maude, Th' Dudes closed the night with a medley of classics including Bliss, Be Mine Tonight and Walking in Light.

Check out the dancing, the singing and the brilliant performance from Th' Dudes at the VNZMAs.