Robbie Williams reveals what turned his life around when he was at height of his addiction

music news 25/11/2019

In a brand new interview with Stellar Magazine, Robbie Williams has revealed what helped him turn his life back on track while he was at the height of his drug and alcohol addiction.

Robbie, who has just released an epic double Christmas album, has joked that "golf is the new crack" and it was what helped him. He says he is now addicted to the sport rather than other substances and it helps him better himself both physically and mentally.

"Alice Cooper was a raging drug addict and he used to play golf every day, and I totally get it because I'm one too." Robbie said on the matter.

Raving about golf, Robbie continued: "I get to raise my serotonin levels, I get to walk for five miles, I get to better myself, I have purpose - there's a meditation in there because you're just thinking about the next shot," he said.

Good on you, Robbie!