Robbie Williams says he wants to dethrone Michael Bublé off his Christmas perch this year

music news 22/10/2019

It's no secret that for the last few years, Michael Bublé has become the Christmas king.

His Christmas music is unmatched with his smooth, jazzy voice fitting perfectly with all of our favourite Christmas songs.

But it seems this year, Robbie Williams is hoping his double Christmas album will knock Bublé off of his Christmas throne.

Robbie has been eyeing up Michael’s Christmas success each year, he revealed he now wants to be Mr Christmas and “own” the festive season.

So Robbie declared that Michael’s Christmas music reign “must end now”.

Speaking at a Q&A to launch his new album, Robbie said: "You’re always looking for a reason to go into the studio."

"And I thought: ‘Why don’t I own birthdays like Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder? Or New Year’s Day like… U2?"

"Well, it’s a bit depressing, that one, isn’t it? You wouldn’t put that one on for a shindig."

Robbie went on to say: "This album was gonna be called Achtung Bublé [Attention Bublé]."

"I f****** love Michael, but it must stop. It must end now."

Robbie has previously collaborated with Michael after he featured on Swings Both Ways for a duet of ‘Soda Pop’.