George Michael ‘turned down’ leading role in Four Weddings and a Funeral

music news 16/10/2019

Who knew George Michael could've lent his super stardom to the film industry too?

Turns out the film 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' could've been very different after a friend of George Michael revealed that the singer was once lined up for a leading role in the Richard Curtis movie.

The singer was approached for a part in the 1994 hit as well as providing some of the music.

But the pal said he pulled out as the time “wasn’t quite right” and he wanted to focus on his own music.

Wet Wet Wet recorded ‘Love Is All Around’ for the soundtrack, which topped the charts at number one for 15 weeks.

A friend of the late singer told The Mirror: “The role was for a gay character and he was incredibly flattered to be asked but decided against it.

“Likewise providing the music. It’s amazing that years later George’s music is finally centre-stage of a film. He would have loved it.”

In case you missed it, a film based on Wham!'s Christmas classic 'Last Christmas' is on the way, and the film is said to feature a lot of George Michael's music - even a couple of unreleased songs.

Watch the trailer here.