Freddie Mercury’s Live Aid performance with Queen has been recreated by The Simpsons

music news 09/10/2019

The iconic 1985 Live Aid performance by Freddie Mercury and Queen has been recreated by The Simpsons in their latest episode.

The episode features Homer Simpson standing proud in Wembley Stadium surrounded by thousands of adoring fans. Homer dons Freddie's iconic moustache, the white singlet and light-wash denim jeans.

Queen guitarist Brian May originally announced the epic episode on his social media.

"Aaay-O ! Doh ! Is this a ‘thing’ ? Apparently SO !" Brian captioned the post.

Brian detailed the episode details like the air date, and pointed out that he wouldn't be able to watch the episode as it wasn't airing in the UK - only the US.

"By the way," he continued. "Since some of you have asked, yes - ssssh.... some material HAS been officially licensed to the fabulous Simpsons. Bri"