Freddie Mercury's banned music video for 'Living On My Own' remastered in HD

music news 08/10/2019

When Freddie Mercury's music video for his son 'Living On My Own' was released , it was banned.

The music video was filmed in 1985 at Freddie's extravagant 39th birthday party in Munich. The party was held in Mrs. Henderson transvestite club where 300 guests were in attendance.

The singer's dress code for the event was black and white drag, with guests including Mary Austin, Boy George, Steve Strange, Jim Hutton, Brian May, former manager John Reid, Freddie and Queen’s manager Jim Beach.

It was event revealed that paparazzi photographer Richard Young dressed in full drag to take the party photos.

The video was banned by Freddie's record company boss due to "perceived promiscuity", with the single only placing at number 50 in the charts.