Elton John says he's 'grateful' for years of addiction as it made him who he is today

music news 15/10/2019

Elton John's highly-anticapted autobiography 'ME' is officially out in all good book stores, and in the book Elton has opened up on all sorts of aspects of his life.

In interviews about the book with GQ Hype, Elton John opened up about his issues with sex and drug addictions, as well as a fued he had with Tina Turner.

"I spent 16 years getting f***ed up and 29 years getting better." Elton said.

"In a way, I'm grateful for those years of sex and drugs, although I despise looking back on them."

I had a good time at the beginning, but at the end it was just awful.

"But if I hadn’t have gone through them, I wouldn’t be sitting here having the great life I have now. I would have never met David [Furnish]. I would never have had children."

Elton then went on to discuss a little known fued he had with Proud Mary singer Tina Turner.

He said: "I have nothing but love for Tina, but when she roasted me on The Oprah Winfrey Show – she roasted me uphill and down – it wasn’t fair, although I never said anything at the time."

"I thought when all this has settled down, I would say exactly what happened and set the record straight. I didn’t want to write a book where I was horrible about people."

Last week, news broke that Elton mentioned Tina in the book, admitting that he told her to ‘shove your song up your f*****g a**e’ after a row over a duet they were to perform.

In an extract from the book, he reportedly says Tina wanted them to switch their stage costumes from Versace to Armani so he’d look ‘less fat’ and to update his hairstyle.

"I got off the phone and burst into tears,’ he writes. ‘“She sounded like my f*****g mother,”

"I wailed at David!"