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Patrick Swayze reveals why he hated the line 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner'

Patrick Swayze reveals why he hated the line 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner'

Who would have thought that the line would turn into something so iconic.

It's been 10 years - a whole decade - since Patrick Swayze passed away. 

He was well-known for his many roles throughout Hollywood, but none so more than his role for the underdog film Dirty Dancing.

Arguably the most famous moment from the hugely popular film is Johnny's line "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

It was ranked number 98 on AFI'S 100 Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time, and has been quoted and parodied by countless TV shows, movies, music videos and beyond.

However, it seems that Swayze wasn't such a fan of the line and it took some convincing for him to actually say it.

Writer Eleanor Bergstein, told The Huffington Post: "I don't think anybody thought it was too great a line."

"Patrick didn't want to say it, but I just said, 'Well, just say it once and then the next time, just go up and do the speech and maybe we won't use it.' But we decided to use it."

In his book The Time Of My Life, written by him and wife Lisa Niemi, Swayze confirmed this, but later realised it did work perfectly and used it himself later in life to describe his fight against cancer.

"We did a lot of rewriting for the big final scene, but one line that I hated stayed in. I could hardly bring myself to say: 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner.' It sounded so corny," Swayze wrote.

"But, seeing the finished film, I had to admit it worked. And of course it became one of the most quoted lines in the movie. I quote a version of it myself these days, saying, 'Nobody puts Patrick's pancreas in a corner,' when people ask how I'm coping with cancer."