Listening to Bruce Springsteen while driving makes you more likely to speed, study finds

music news 27/09/2019

If you are partial to putting on one of The Boss's CDs and turn up the music while driving, you are more likely to be a danger on the road!

According to a new study by South China University of Technology, Bruce Springsteen's 'Born To Run' was named one of the top five songs that contribute to unsafe behavior behind the wheel.

Meanwhile, Toto was named among one of the five 'safest' songs to drive to.

For the study, participants were placed in a driving simulator for 20 minutes of movement on a six-lane road. They were then exposed to various types of music, or none at all. The results suggested that, when listening to music faster than 120 beats per minute, drivers changed lanes twice as often as normal and increased their speed to 5 mph above the limit.

“Perceived mental workload, standard deviation of speed and frequency of lane crossing were higher when driving under the influence of rock music than that when driving under the influence of light music or an absence of music,” lead researched Qiang Zeng said. “The findings are useful for the development of effective driver education strategies, in particular, a publicity program that could enhance public awareness of the negative impact of music listening on driving performance.”

South China University’s Most Dangerous Driving Songs
1. “American Idiot” – Green Day
2. “Party in the U.S.A.” – Miley Cyrus
3. “Mr. Brightside” – the Killers
4. “Don’t Let Me Down” – the Chainsmokers
5. “Born to Run” – Bruce Springsteen

South China University’s  Least Dangerous Driving Songs
1. “Stairway to Heaven” – Led Zeppelin
2. “Under the Bridge” – Red Hot Chill Peppers
3. “God’s Plan” – Drake
4. “Africa” – Toto
5. “Location” – Khalid