Elderly gardener asks for help identifying plant in his garden only to be told it is cannabis

Must See 26/09/2019

An avid reader of the BBC's Gardeners' World magazine has gone viral online after he failed to identify a 'mystery plant' growing in his garden.

The man, known only as Barry Thorp, wrote in to the magazine via email asking for help identifying a mysterious plant that had grown in his garden.

An excerpt of the BBC's Gardeners' World magazine

'Can you identify this mystery plant from my garden?', Barry wrote to the September 2019 issue alongside a picture of the 'shrub'.

Responding in the Gardeners' Question Time section, Anne Swithinbank identified it as hemp and pointed out it is illegal to grow cannabis at home.

She advised Barry to destroy it immediately - but warned against burning it on a bonfire.

A picture of page 149 of the magazine was posted online, where social media users have poked fun at the exchange.

Another posted: 'I heard that is how Pablo Escobar got started'.

A third said: 'Hahaha sure it was germinated by bird seed Barry'.

And another wrote: 'Hahahhahahah kinda wish the 'birds' would give me that lol'.