Woman shocked after Freddie Mercury tattoo ends up looking almost nothing like him

music news 14/08/2019

A former glamour model and body builder has been left shocked after the tattoo she got of Freddie Mercury ended up looking almost nothing like him.

The woman, who was tattooed by a friend, originally played it cool on social media announcing that she was in love with the tattoo which was an image of Freddie Mercury from his iconic Live Aid performance.

The woman's followers were quick to point out how much the image didn't actually resememle Mr Mercury.

Many commented under the photo suggesting which famous face the tattoo looked more like.

One user said: "Looks like Carlton from the Fresh Prince", someone else jibed: "It looks more like Borat"; others said it looks like Will Smith, Barack Obama and even Ken Dodd. 

Many agreed that that it looked quite like former English footballer Chris Kamara.

The comments discriminating her tattoo came in so thick and fast that she was forced to issue a statement on her social media.