Paul McCartney reveals he often 'forgets' how to play The Beatles songs

music news 01/08/2019

Sir Paul McCartney has just revealed that he cannot remember how to play all of the Beatles' music.

The 77-year-old Beatle said that he had to rely on his bandmates and listen to deeper cuts that he hasn't played in a while.

In fairness, some of Beatles' songs are over half a century old! Plus, Paul McCartney has worked on over 1,000 released tracks in his entire music career.

"I have to re-learn everything. I've written an awful lot, you can't retain them all. We go in rehearsal and I'm, 'Oh yeah, that's how it goes'," he admits to The Mirror. When asked if he believed their work are "pretty good", he laughed and said, "I do, I really do."

"Some of the old songs you say, 'Oh, that's clever, I wouldn't have done that'," he explained. "We were a little rock and roll group from Liverpool, it just kept going."