Madonna fans swoop to her defense after people criticize her revealing outfit

music news 27/08/2019

Madonna is 61 years old and looking pretty darn good!

And a lot of her fans agree.

Less than two weeks after her birthday, the Material Girl has already slipped back into a corset and gave us an exclusive look as she prepared for her rehearsals of the upcoming Madame X tour.

Though she joked about wanting a “day off,” the pop star’s gruelling schedule and dance choreography has clearly paid off.

While some people flooded the comments on Madonna's picture with hateful messages, many of Madonna's fans swooped in to stand up for the 'Queen of Pop'.

"I don't wanna hear a damn thing about her age in these comments because her body is amazing and she's in better shape than most of y'all who talk sh-- 😩" one user wrote.

“The haters are only JEALOUS. NOT GOING TO HAVE A BODY LIKE HERS WHEN THEY ARE IN THEIR 60S,” said another loyal fan.