John Farnham speaks out about his health after recent scare

music news 19/08/2019

John Farnham, the iconic Australian singer who gave us hits like You're The Voice and Two Strong Hearts, recently endured a severe health scare that saw him forced to cancel a multiude of shows.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, the singer who has just entered his seventh decade, spoke candidly about the incident.

"I had a severe kidney infection, I was very dehydrated."

Trying to power through the pain, Farnham believed that he would be "fine".

"I didn't realise until too late. I'd been feeling uncomfortable, my wife Jill had been telling me to go to the doctor. Typical bloody man, I was saying 'Nah, I'll be right, it'll be fine'. Until I had to go (into hospital) and I was very unwell there for a while. I'm good now."

Since his health scare, after a lifetime of smoking, the Aussie rocker has since given up cigarettes and cut back on the booze.

"It gave me a wake up call to look after myself a bit more. I gave up smoking just before my birthday. I haven't had a smoke for a few months which I'm happy about and that's made me feel better. I'm still having a love affair with the occasional glass of red wine."

"70 feels good." he continued.

"Age isn't something I've ever worried about, we all get older. Getting sick like that was a wake up call. I'm seeing a personal trainer who drags me around and throws weights at me. You're not young anymore, you have to look after yourself."