Ed Sheeran under fire after artist claims he stole their work

music news 28/08/2019

Poor Ed! 

It seems the bigger and more popular your songs are, the more likely a smaller and lesser known artist is going to pop up out of the woodwork and claim that they wrote the song.

This time, it's Ed Sheeran's song 'Shape Of You' which has come underfire for copyright claims.

Artist Sam Chokri has claimed that Ed's 'Shape Of You', which is said to have ammassed more than £20 million, is a blatant copy of his track 'Oh Why'.

Sam alleges that he sent the track to Ed's "circle" in an attempt to work with the 'Perfect' singer.

In his claim, Sam also alleges that Ed has used material from other artists in his music, including TLC, Jasmine Rae and Shaggy.

He also said that he was forced to give artists, like Shaggy, credits in the songs.

Ed launched his own claim against Sam after the musician won a ruling from the Performing Rights Society after he set out a case for copyright infringement.

Royalties for 'Shape of You' have now been suspended pending a court decision.