Robbie Williams opens up about his crippling anxiety disorder

music news 17/07/2019

Robbie Williams has opened up about how he was forced to stay indoors after he began struggling with the crippiling the anxiety disorder agoraphobia.

The condition, which leaves sufferers finding it difficult to leave the house, led to the singer turning down a near $27 million offer to host reality TV show American Idol.

Speaking to the Sun Online, the “Angels” singer said, "My career had gone stratospheric and taken me to Mars, and I needed some time to get my equilibrium back and get myself back together."

It was my body and mind telling me I shouldn’t go anywhere, that I couldn’t do anything. It was telling me to just wait, so I literally just sat and waited.

"I was agoraphobic from around 2006 to 2009. Those years were just spent wearing a cashmere kaftan, eating Kettle Chips, growing a beard and staying in."

Discussing the offer to be involved in American Idol, the singer said, “They offered me £15 million to take over from Simon Cowell, plus a big gig in the States, but I turned it down because I wasn’t leaving the sofa at the time. I just couldn’t."

It was a song by fellow musicians The Killers that finally gave Robbie the push he needed to get up off of the couch and to seek help.

The lyrics to “Human” include, “And sometimes I get nervous / When I see an open door”, prompted him to seek help for his condition.

Robbie eventually made a comeback, performing on X Factor in 2009 - but the former Let Me Entertain You” hit-maker admits he had to “re-learn” how to entertain.

He said, "It wasn’t an easy process, it was like having a car crash and then learning how to walk again.”

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