Madonna releases original demo of 'Like A Prayer' in desperate bid to stop it going to auction

music news 25/07/2019

Madonna and her longtime music collaborator Patrick Leonard have released the original demos to multiple Madonna songs in a desparate bid to stop them going to auction.

Patrick uploaded the first ever recordings of 'Like A Prayer', 'Cherish' and 'Angels' from the day they were written.

The release of the demos come after Madonna's former art adviser Darlene Lutz is selling several of the star's possessions including unreleased recordings on cassette tapes.

Darlene is also selling Madonna's break-up letter from rapper Tupac Shakur, a hairbrush with strands of her hair and "stage-worn" La Perla bra.

Madonna previously attempted to stop the auction in 2017 by filing an emergency court order.

Madonna claimed she was not aware that Darlene was in possession of any of the items.

A judge has ruled that Madonna can not stop the selling of the items, and so Patrick Leonard has published the demos onto Youtube for free in a hope to deter Madonna fans from bidding on items in the auction.

He wrote on YouTube: "I hope these posts stop the sale of that cassette at auction.

"Not cool at all that someone would sell it. Not theirs to sell."