Kiki Dee reveals she gets the exact birthday gift from Elton John every single year

music news 02/07/2019

72 year old Kiki Dee is one of Elton John's longest and greatest friends.

Kiki is well known for her iconic duet with Elton John on the hit song 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart'. But it is not as widely known that Elton produced her first two albums, and in 1976 their duet topped the charts for six weeks, giving Elton his first-ever No 1 record.

These days their lifestyles could not be more different; Elton is worth £320m and lives in a Berkshire mansion with his husband David Furnish and their two young sons, while Kiki, describing herself as ‘secure’, lives in a modest two-bedroom cottage.

Yet the two have remained good friends.

Kiki Dee revealed to the Mirror UK that every single year, Elton gets her the same birthday gift.

"I get an orchid in a pot every year from Elton for my birthday," she explains.

"But I’m an orchid killer, they only last about four to six months!"

"So the empty pots are all sitting there in my garden."

"I used to get two bottles of Champagne as well, but I think the school fees have taken over!"

When it comes to returning the gifts, Kiki said it can be a very hard task!

"One year I sent him the most bizarre thing – a bowl."

'My friend, who is quite artistic, said, “Fill it with lemons.”"

'I think Elton might have misunderstood it, actually!"

"Then I came up with this great idea to send a donation to his AIDS Foundation."

"Elton was really chuffed, and he sent a card, saying, “As you know I don’t need anything materially, so this was a great gift, thank you so much.”"