Hugh Jackman melts hearts by dancing with superfan on stage at live show

music news 01/07/2019

The star of the fabulous movie The Greatest Showman is currently on tour with his live show The Man. The Music. The Show. and while he was in the UK, he met one of his superfans - Pauline.

During the show, while he was taking time to appreciate the audience and give out high-fives, Jackman met Pauline. The pair began dancing together, and then Hugh gave her a big hug - before posting about it on social media.

Hugh Jackman wrote on social media saying "My dance partner tonight is the one and only PAULINE!!! And I absolutely adore her."

Fans later called Hugh a "gentleman" for making Pauline’s night, with one fan saying: "I love that Wolverine can sing, dance, and hug old ladies. You sir, are a true gentleman."

Another fan who was there added: "One of the best performances I’ve seen in ages, amazing talent, the show was non stop, mind blowing, you should be so proud of the talent around you tonight, Canada loves you Hugh, the audience was in awe of your talent, only happy faces leaving your concert tonight."

The world tour features Hugh performing various songs from The Greatest Showman, Les Miserables and The Boy From Oz and other Broadway shows and films.