George Michael's former partner reportedly caught trashing the late singer's mansion

music news 19/07/2019

Seems like poor George Michael still can't catch a break 3 years on since his early death.

George Michael’s former boyfriend Fadi Fawaz, who has been squatting at the late singer’s London home, reportedly wrecked the place. According to The Sun, Fadi went into a rage and broke multiple windows and fan lights in the house, which is worth more than $6 million in U.S. dollars.

A workman at a nearby property claimed to the British publication, “There was glass flying everywhere. He went absolutely berserk.”

Another worker alleged, “He just started going crazy and smashing up the place. It was scary.”

Fawaz admitted smashing the windows, but contended, “I was renovating. I was changing things around. He also posted an image to social media next to broken windows.

George Michael's family has been battling to try and get Mr Fawaz out of the late singer's home for a while now, with little success. Fadi Fawaz claims he and Michael were still together at the time of his death, but many clues suggest that the pair had split.

It was Fawaz who found George Michael on Christmas Day and called the ambulance after he saw the singer in his bed "cold" and "blue".

The former hairdresser Fawaz was grilled for weeks by authorities over Michael’s untimely death, until police finally issued a statement clearing him of foul play. 

A source close to the singer’s family told The Sun about the home battle with Fawaz, "The place is beginning to look like a squat."

The fear is the whole house will end up wrecked.

Michael left nothing for Fawaz in his will.