Ed Sheeran debuts new 'Mullet' hairstyle on his social media

music news 10/07/2019

Ed Sheeran seems to be having a lot of fun recently as he gears up for the release of his new album No.6 Collaborations.

Already he has released a couple of new singles, including one where it sees him poking fun at life in Hollywood, he's starred in a TV ad for his very own ketchup and he's had a starring role in the new film 'Yesterday'.

Now the award-winning singer is having a bit of fun and trying something new with his hair-doo - which we can only guess is for a music video for an upcoming song.

Rocking one of the staple hairstyles of the '80's, Ed Sheeran says he is bringing the mullet back!

Ed posted two photos onto social media showcasing his new hairstyle, and fans were quick to compliment him on his new look.

"Darling you look perfect tonight." wrote one user, quoting Ed Sheeran's own song lyrics.

"This is the best post you’ve ever done in all your time on social media 🤣👏🏼"

"Not sure how I feel about this look. I’ll have to mullet over 😏" another pun-enthusist wrote.