Teenage girl steals the show at Michael Bublé concert

music news 13/06/2019

A young girl from Belfast in Europe has stunned the thousands who attended Michael Bublé's recent concert.

After perfoming a few of his signature hits, Bublé asked the crowd if anyone would like to volunteer themselves to have a go at singing in front of the sold out crowd.

A teenage girl was one of the first to shoot her hand up in the air for the oppurtunity.

Bublé noticed her enthusiasm and walked over to her to hand her the microphone.

"My whole heart just stopped," she told RTÉ News after the concert.

"I felt so happy I felt like crying. I was just so happy the excitement that was running through me was off the roof, it was class."

The 13-year-old told the star she wanted to sing an Irish ballad, An Cáilín Álainn. It was written by Connemara man Tomás Mac Eoin.

Mobile phone footage has made her a social media hit, and Bublé can be heard urging her not to be scared.

The young fan then became part of the show, going down a treat with the headliner, and the crowd.

At one point, Bublé raises his hands and urges fans to "light 'em up".

Afterwards, he can be heard telling Síomha "that was beautiful, kid", before giving her a hug.