Taron Egerton reveals how he approached the more 'intimate' moments in Rocketman

music news 04/06/2019

When you are an actor, especially one in quite a raw role, it's no secret that you regularly get asked 'how did you manage having to act in that sex scene?'.

And while most brush it off, it is part of their job of course, Taron Egerton has revealed how he approached the steamy scene in Sir Elton John's biopic - 'Rocketman'.

“You just sort of think about it in terms of making it tender and beautiful, and you don’t think about it as a sex scene,” he told Page Six at the premiere Wednesday about the scenes with his co-star Richard Madden, who plays John’s first male lover, John Reid.

“You think about it as two young people consummating their love and experience and attraction to one another.”

He added, at the event at Alice Tully Hall, “You just want to create something that is tender, vulnerable and, hopefully, moving and beautiful.”