Ed Sheeran gives hilarious 'Girl-Next-Door' look as he shoots new secret music video

music news 05/06/2019

Ed Sheeran would have to be one of the more loveable people in the music industry, and with us eagerly awaiting his new album, we have been on a bit of an 'Ed Watch' as of late.

With new songs being released often, or about to be, Ed Sheeran has been preparing by working hard and shooting music videos. 

Thanks to some sneaky paparazzi, we have managed to catch a glimpse of Ed starring in his new music video. We don't quite know what song the video is for, but we do know Ed Sheeran looks surprisingly gorgeous while wearing a long, ginger wig paired with a dressing gown and slippers!

Sheeran also hung onto a garden hose and looked to be attempting to do a spot of gardening.

Meanwhile on his Twitter page, he dropped a huge hint that another music video might also be on the way.

Posting a black-and-white snap of himself dressed up in a tank top and sweatband round his head, the star saluted those with 'dad bods'.

He captioned the pic: ‘New fitness video coming soon – get ripped or die tryin #dadbodformarbs #nopainnogain#youaretheCEOofyou