Sir Elton John's one request for Rocketman biopic

music news 30/05/2019

Sir Elton John's biopic starring Taron Egerton has finally hit cinemas here in New Zealand, but the 'Rocketman' himself Elton John has revealed what his one request was for the film all about him.

The music legend told actor Taron Egerton and director Dexter Fletcher he didn’t want to be simply ‘imitated’ in the biopic, but instead have his story brought to life with a resonant flair.

“What we endeavour to do and what Elton was very clear about and said [was], ‘Don’t do an impression of me, do your version of me’,” Fletcher reveals to Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

For Egerton, landing the role was the opportunity of a lifetime. He knew how important it was to get this right and meet Elton’s request to not simply imitate him.

“I wouldn’t say I’m doing an impersonation but of course it brings a weight of pressure. I think when you see the movie it all makes sense, I hope,” he reveals.

“And it’s not to say I play it as me. I alter myself and I keep an eye on who Elton is so my accent changes over the course of the film.