Paul McCartney's entertaining new music video released

Music 19/10/2018

The music video has been released for Paul McCartney's new song "Come On to Me". This is from Pauls latest album, Egypt Station. The music video is a mash-up of three different characters dancing at night to the catchy song.

There's Maxwell, a security guard in a department store. Who highjacks the malls sound system after hours to dance around the store. Almohri's who works in a food truck, starts to dance to the song to attract a new crush. Finally theres Elsa Morales' who is a cleaning lady of an office building, who is seen having a tremendous time dancing in the building after the employees have left. 

Paul McCartney has his first No. 1 Album in Over 36 Years on Billboard 200 Chart With this new album, 'Egypt Station.'

The fun aspect of this video is that Paul McCartney is encouraging fans to join in on the "Come On to Me" frenzy, by dancing to the song and posting it on Instagram and Twitter using the #COTMChallenge.

You will smile throughout this video, watch above!