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Fleetwood Mac cover Crowded House and Split Enz

Music 17/01/2019

With the announcement of Fleetwood Mac's concert in NZ, we cant help but get excited! Imagine if we get to experience this live!

The Fleetwood Mac line-up has performed their first headlining set, and it gave a distinct nod to Neil Finn and his NZ music roots.

Sharing a duet between Finn and Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks, the two performed Crowded House’s 1986 classic “Don’t Dream It’s Over."

Introducing the song, drummer Mick Fleetwood said it was "many, many years ago" when he heard the song that first "opened a lot of doors in my own heart."

"I had no idea where it would lead to such a night, welcoming this gentleman to the stage."

The band also covered Split Enz’ 1980 new wave hit “I Got You” during their Chicago set, with Finn and Nicks sharing the vocals again.

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