Neil Finn debuts with Fleetwood Mac on Ellen

Music 06/09/2018

Fleetwood Mac have officially debuted on TV with its brand new line-up, featuring NZ's own Neil Finn.

The Kiwi shared vocals with Stevie Nicks on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, performing the parts typically sung by Lindsey Buckingham on 'The Chain' and 'Gypsy'.

Neil Finn, with new member Mike Campbell (formerly of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) will join Fleetwood Mac on their North American tour which begins October 3rd.

The band 's 52-date tour will keep them on the road until April 2019.

“There are 10 hits we have to do,” Stevie Nicks told Rolling Stone about their tour. “That leaves another 13 songs if you want to do a three-hour show."

"Then you crochet them all together and you make a great sequence and you have something that nobody has seen before except all the things they want to see are there."

"At rehearsal, we’re going to put up a board of 60 songs. Then we start with number one and we go through and we play everything. Slowly you start taking songs off and you start to see your set come together.”