Spandau Ballet have their first interview with new frontman

Must See 31/08/2018

Tony Hadley was replaced in Spandau Ballet earlier this year by Ross William Wild, and we have now been treated to his first interview with the band. 

Despite being much younger than his fellow bandmates at only 30 years old, Ross says he won't let his age get in the way of this exciting opportunity. 

"Ross brings in a lot of energy... I think he makes us feel younger," Gary Kemp commented. 

When asked if he finds his new role intimidating, Ross responded "Absolutely, they've got a legacy and it's a responsibility of mine to pay homage to that legacy, but also do it in my own way."

While Tony Hadley wanted to leave the band, his fellow bandmates always knew it wouldn't be the end for them, with Martin Kemp saying "We just wish him well. He wanted to stop and we wanted to carry on... Me carrying on with Spandau was a no-brainer."