Rod Stewart announces new album "Blood Red Roses"

Music 20/07/2018

Rod Stewart announces his new album "Blood Red Roses" will be out on 28th September.

Earlier this year, Stewart promised a new LP and now we've got full details of the new album which marks his 30th album after Another Country (2015).

"I always think I make albums for a few friends and this record has that intimacy," says Stewart.

Sincerity and honesty go a long way in life and the same is true in songwriting.

Available in a 16-track deluxe edition CD album and a standard 13-track CD album, the album is co-produced by Kevin Savigar who had periodically worked with Stewart since the '80s.

Listen to the first single "Didn't I" below. The song is said to be about the struggle of parents witnessing their children going down the drug abuse path.

All pre-orders come with an instant digital download of "Didn't I". You can see the tracklist below.

Rod Stewart's "Blood Red Roses" Tracklist

  1. Look In Her Eyes     
  2. Hole In My Heart     
  3. Farewell     
  4. Didn’t I     
  5. Blood Red Roses     
  6. Grace     
  7. Give Me Love     
  8. Rest Of My Life     
  9. Rollin’ & Tumblin’     
  10. Julia     
  11. Honey Gold     
  12. Vegas Shuffle     
  13. Cold Old London     

Deluxe Edition Tracks

  1. Who Designed The Snowflake     
  2. It Was A Very Good Year     
  3. I Don’t Want To Get Married