Elton John's son Elijah joins him on stage at his Las Vegas show

music news 20/02/2018

At Elton John's recent show in Las Vegas he invited his son, Elijah to join him for the encore.

The five year old was seen sitting next to his dad on the piano and the audience cheered.

Elton shared the photo on Instagram saying: "Elijah joins daddy for the encore."

Followers commented on the image saying: "Oh my goodness, so special! What an amazing photo,"

while another said: "Saw him in Las Vegas last week! Best show ever." A third commented on Elijah's outfit – who was dressed in a matching suit to his dad, teamed with red trainers. "Cool little red shoes," they said.

Elton recently announced that he was planning to retire from touring to spend more time with his family, including his husband David and sons Elijah (5) and Zachary (7).