Stellar* reunite for summer tour

Music 28/11/2017

They were one of New Zealand's greatest bands of the 90s, and now Stellar* are getting back together.

The group, led by the vocals of Boh Runga, broke up in 2010. But after an eight-year break, they're hitting the road this summer for their own tour.

"We're getting really excited about it, it's been a long time," says Stellar* guitarist Chris Van de Geer.

The band shot to fame in the 90s and early 2000s with hits like 'Violent' and 'Undone'.

They shared almost 20 years of success before disbanding to pursue individual projects. Runga created her own successful jewellery line.

Now the foursome have announced they're getting back together for several New Zealand shows, including their own headlining concerts in Auckland and Wellington in March.

"The older you get the faster the years go by, like to me it does not feel like eight years since we played," says bass player Kurt Shanks.

The band got a taste for the spotlight again just two weeks ago when they performed a tribute to Sharon O'Neill at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.

"It was nerve-wracking!" says Runga.

"Being on stage together, we're pretty comfortable with it," says Andrew MacLaren.

"We did a lot of gigs when we were together so it seemed pretty natural actually, Chris and I were saying it just felt weird not playing the next night!"

While the group have stayed good friends since the split, there's one thing they're especially looking forward to about next year's tour.

"I think we all just like the process part," says MacLaren.

"The putting together the music, the rehearsing. The gigs are just a lucky by-product of that, the hanging out is the good bit."

And Stellar* fans could be in luck - the band hasn't ruled out an even bigger tour in 2019.