Shania Twain goes 80s inspired in new song 'We Got Something They Don't'

Music 20/09/2017

It's less than two weeks until Shania Twain's new album 'Now' is released - but if you can't wait till then, Shania has given fans another taste of what to expect.

Her new track 'We Got Something They Don't' has been described by Rolling Stones as "an Eighties-inspired, horn-heavy ode to romantic longevity".

"With an instrumental break featuring a variety of horns, the bold, brassy tune wouldn't have been out of place on Eighties pop radio," they describe the track.

Her upcoming album will be the first full length album she's released since 2002, and a few tracks reference her divorce from long-time husband and songwriting partner Mutt Lange.

"I've got happy moments, I've got sad moments," Twain tells Rolling Stone Country of the collection. "And I wanted the diversity of emotions in there, so I had to basically pull out things that were leaning the balance any one direction too much."

Shania Twain's new album will be released September 29th.