See Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' without background music

Music 31/08/2017

What is arguably the most iconic music video of all time has been reimagined without the music, with hilarious and creepy results.

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' was MTV's first world premiere music video in 1983.

Directed by filmmaker John Landis, the 14-minute-long video is famous for its special effects, dance choreography and a chilling cameo by the late Vincent Price. 

Now the video has been recreated by YouTube user Red Rhythm, who left Jackson's vocal track intact but edited out the instrumental. He also added in his own sound effects, including monster growls, squeaking shoes and Jackson's loud popcorn crunching.

However bizarre the final video is, it highlights Jackson's dancing and choreography skill.

The video was posted on what would have been the 59th birthday of the 'King of Pop', who died in 2009.

'Thriller' is the latest in Red Rhythm's 'Musicless Music Videos' series, which also includes Lionel Richie's 'Hello' and Ray Parker Jr's 'Ghostbusters'.

The original 'Thriller' video has more than 435 million views on YouTube.