Shania Twain releases video for brand new single 'Life's About to Get Good'

Music 31/07/2017

Shania Twain gets back into her iconic 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman' costume in the just released music video for her new single called 'Life’s About To Get Good!'

Last week she released her first new song ahead of her first new album in 15 years called 'Poor Me'.

 “I chose this as the lead single because, first of all, it’s very energizing, and I really felt that I needed to feel that positive energy, first coming back out again after so long,” the legendary country singer said.

“It just puts me in a good mood, and lifts me up, and also reflects on my true state of mind over these last few years that have been challenging.” 

'Life’s About To Get Good' will be included on Shania‘s first full-length album in nearly 15 years, titled NOW, which will be released on September 29.