Fleetwood Mac set to reunite for a farewell tour in 2018

music news 03/07/2017

Great news for Fleetwood Mac fans - the iconic band of the 70's plans to reunite next year for a farewell tour.

Christine McVie confirmed the news to The One Show on BBC TV last week.

“We’re going to start rehearsing in March, next year,” she said. “The tour is around June. It will be global.”

Back in March this year Stevie Nicks mentioned the possibilty of a tour in an interview with Rolling Stone and it looks like it might really be happening.

Fleetwood Mac's last tour together was back in 2015, when they also came to visit us in NZ for shows in Auckland and Dunedin.

They will be next performing together at Classic East and Classic West festivals later this month.

Source: Simple Most