Fleetwood Mac perform live together for first time in two years

Music 19/07/2017

Fleetwood Mac reunited at this year's Classic West festival and put on an awesome performance to close the weekend.

After Fleetwood Mac's performance of the hit 'Landslide' Stevie Nicks dedicated the song to former Eagles member, Glenn Frey who passed away at the beginning of 2016.

“I wanted to dedicate that song to Glenn Frey, who was my friend. And I also wanted to dedicate it to his son, for stepping in and doing such an amazing job last night,” Nicks said. “[With] so much pressure, he just did it so beautifully, his daddy would be so proud of him. I didn’t do it before I sang, because I just would have started to cry.”

The festival was the first time the Eagles have performed together since Glenn Frey's death. Vince Gill and Glenn's son Deacon joined the Eagles and even Bob Seger joined the Eagles for the festival.