21 year old considered the next Ed Sheeran after incredible performance

Music 26/07/2017

A 21 year old American man is being called the next Ed Sheeran after his amazing performance on America's Got Talent.

He has a similar voice to Ed Sheeran, he's also a ginger and even writes his own songs.

He performed an original song called 'Acapella' which got the audience singing and clapping along.

Judge DJ Khalid says: "The way you got the crowd involved then you came with your own sing, you're not singing someone else's song. You're on your way to be a star, this show and this stage is going to make you into a superstar."

Then DJ Khalid hits the golden buzzer for Chase's exceptional performance and the crowd goes crazy.

Online viewers were quick to comment saying Chase reminded them of Ed Sheeran.