Savage Garden will never reunite according to former member

Music 20/06/2017

Savage Garden was easily one of the most popular duos of the 90's.

Since the band split in 2001 fans have petioned for the band to get back together but unfortunately it looks like that will never happen.

In a new interview with Billboard former Savage Garden member Darren Hayes says he and Daniel Jones won't ever reunite and "do not communicate at all these days."

“Zero plans to ever reunite. Sorry,” Hayes says.

“It’s pretty well known that I didn’t appreciate the way [Jones] handled his departure from the band, but that’s water on the bridge now. After 17 years of making music on my own I couldn’t imagine going back to that dynamic.

“I understand the nostalgic value for fans, but you break up for a reason. We are just very, very different people these days and I wouldn’t want any other life than the one I lead today.”

SavageGarden formed in 1993, and won 14 ARIA Awards before their split in 2001. Last year, the duo released a compilation album titled Savage Garden: The Singles, and it seems like Hayes is currently working on the follow-up to his latest album, 2011’s Secret Codes And Battleships.

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