Boney M kick off their Greatest Hits tour in NZ

Music 09/06/2017

Disco legends Boney M have arrived in the country for a Greatest Hits tour.

Founding member Maizie Williams is the only one of the original 70s line-up performing Down Under, but she told Newshub the beat's still going strong more than 40 years on.

Boney M was formed in the mid-70s by German record producer Frank Farian.

He brought together a few singers, a DJ, and invited model and dancer Maizie Williams to join up out of the blue.

"But I like taking chances anyway. So I took a chance, and it paid off," she told Newshub.

It certainly did. The group went on to sell more than 150 million records worldwide - a proud achievement for a quartet everyone wrote off as a one-hit wonder.

"Even we didn't think that far ahead to be honest, that we were going to have hit after hit after hit," Williams said.

"That we'd still be here 40-something years later, and still touring, and still having the fans. And still having new fans - fans of the fans from the 70s."

Like UB40 and Bucks Fizz, there are a few different Boney M line-ups performing around the world.

Williams is the only original member featuring on this nine-date New Zealand tour.

She said the audiences are the key to keeping her energy up and the songs sounding fresh.

"From the time you hear the first song come on, it's like the first time you're hearing it, the first time you're actually performing it," she said.

"Because the audience are with you and that excitement comes right back, it just kicks right in."

Boney M opened in Dunedin on Wednesday night and will work their way up the country over the next 10 days.