Elton John told Ed Sheeran to go away for a while

Must See 05/04/2017

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Sir Elton John said even he was sick of Ed Sheeran and wanted him to go away for a while.

Elton John and Ed Sheeran are friends and often spend time together, but John encouraged Ed Sheeran to take some time off, which he did last year.

It was John's advice that helped with Ed Sheeran's decision to take a break from music last year. He did along with taking a break from social media too.

He was so omnipresent I said, ‘Ed, even I’m sick of you. Go away.’ And he did.

"He just went to the Far East with his girlfriend, had a great time, put on a lot of weight, ate food and came back. One thing I said to him when he went, I said, ‘Don’t put on weight,’ because he’s very prone to put on weight like I am. And he came back heavy, but he lost it all for the album. He just went away and had a great time."

John is sort of a mentor to Sheeran.

The thing I love about Ed is he’s always asking for advice.

We are glad Ed Sheeran took Elton John's advice because his new album Divide was worth waiting for!